Why are Disney+ accounts being hacked

Product owners and entrepreneurs know the pain

Having to make these choices is both an art and a privilege. These need to be married together and when they aren’t just right, well things can get bumpy. Bumpy doesn’t mean doomed, it just means some extra hard work.

Growing Pains

When you review the comment boards and twitter you generally see good. Sifting through all those tweets and posts though, you do see the issues. To see more good than bad is phenomenal, but there is a little thread of challenge to overcome.

ZDNet / Twitter
  • Did I do something wrong? (self doubt)
  • I knew I should have saved my money” (regretting decision before even experiencing product)
  • Did I get hacked, and now my money is at risk too?” (fear)
  • Is Disney+ safe to use?” (brand at risk)

How to make magical product experiences in the face of a wicked world

To have a great experience, your ACCOUNT LOCKOUTS, error pages, and customer handling needs to be reflective of that magical experience expected with Disney. Here is a beautiful Pixar example…

  • Seeing trends in consumer navigation behavior
  • Due care around cybersecurity to be resilient to attackers
  • Activate similar cybersecurity offensive capabilities as Facebook (where they actually see what accounts are being sold, and then preemptively work with the customer / shut down those accounts)
  • Add 2 factor authentication — I mean, even our dog’s doggy-cam has 2 factor :)
  • Have teams ready to rapidly respond, sometimes, just being ready to respond is more important than waiting for perfect (actually it always is).

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