What is purpose and impact, and how to be successful at both


Why are you doing anything matters. It can be to provide for your family, a noble cause. It can also be for yourself, an equally important cause because if you are unhealthy and unsatisfied what is the point?

Awareness of progress

If time is our yardstick in life and purpose measures the impact, how do we become aware of our progress? How do you become self aware and how can you create the impact you seek?

Becoming self aware

You need to self discover, I cannot tell you. This is a journey that is unique to you, which means you are the only one who can truly know you — and the impact you have becomes incredibly individual. The result is a world that only benefits from your actions based on your self awareness. Incredible isn’t it?

Journal, Vlogging, and social media unlocks

For instance, I write these down as Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Pulling from business literature, but that is only one path. I do this daily and allow my heart and life pull these accordingly in different directions and intensities.

Review and chart

As we document our dreams, priorities, and passions we begin to leave marks in the sands of time. Looking at each one doesn’t really tell us much, but when you look back you see a trend and underlying theme. Here is the space and unlock for your self awareness.

  • What are you focused on?
  • What is the theme?
  • Are there people, community, family, students making regular appearances?
  • What about types of projects and causes?
  • Are there passions and loves that appear and then disappear because you got “busy”?
  • Have you begun building on passions that accumulate to causes you care about up to today?
  • Have items, ideas, and efforts appeared that are not really you but added because of pressure and others?


What matters? That is the question to ask yourself, and then to use that to see the impact you are capable of bringing to your space in the world.

Find pursuits and impact that reverberate with your soul, and you’ll make the impact you seek

Goals and Impact

Good news, these can change. You’ll discover new paths and find new loves. That is wonderful, and in fact ideal. As you unlock new lessons and skills, the scale of the impact you can have on the world changes. Sometimes more and sometimes less.

Let’s get practical — To achieve, adopt quarterly reviews

Every 3 months pull up your journals and todo lists. See what you were trying to achieve three months ago and how you tracked over that period. How does it fit with your mindset now. Use that as an anchor point to now refocus your energy and days forward.

  • Big Goals
  • 1 Week out
  • 2 Weeks out
  • 4 Weeks out

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