Smiles hide fears and tears

James DeLuccia
2 min readAug 21, 2021

Smiles help crush fear and tears, but they don’t overcome them alone. They need you. They need your energy, encouragement, and love. You see each of us fights demons and win them daily. There come big moments though that can become overwhelming…

Death.. life changes.. Big choices.. Toxic people.. and a stacking of easy to deal with moments which become powerful. A simple spec of sand we can easily handle, a billion of them at once requires more effort.

You and I only have so much effort to give and when we are faced with sandstorms (if you’ll allow me to continue this analogy). We begin to pull from other areas of our life — we pull the love we show to our family and friends to fight this fight. We pull our creative energy from our passions and work. We pull from our healthy habits and “allow” ourselves a “break” to revisit distractions (booze, social media, binging).

We can overcome these larger storms, as we always have … but at what cost. How many times can we burn down our health, family, loved ones, and career to go solo. Why not pick another path.

Get help and give help

You and I are better with help to overcome these storms. We can do it with others who care, love us, or have made it through themselves. The point is we must get help. That said, if you have loved ones smiling through pain.. it is your duty to give help.

Don’t let your loved ones suffer, drown, and or harm themselves because you thought they wanted to go alone. NOBODY wants to go F*king alone. Nobody. We go alone because those who helped before bailed on us. Prove history wrong; stand up for your own values, and give the help needed.

You’ll be the strength they need to overcome these giant storms (whether one large event or a culmination of too much), and maybe even save them from future harm.



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