One calamity at a time: How to endure during work fire drills..

Adopt these 3 habits to survive today’s fire drill that is lasting …3..5…8 weeks long

  1. Mentally Strong— DECIDE to like the things that are uncomfortable (One tactic I do here is for meetings that are uncomfortable and inconvenient, such as 7am, noon, and 10pms daily meetings… you know, because who needs meals.. is create empathy for the room; allow people to be emotionally honest; and then seek to GIVE the participants value… going into a meeting hating it and then being a pill as my Grandma would say is disrespectful to you and them)
  2. Celebrate the micro wins — with extended efforts at “full speed response” the end may not ever really come. It may simply fade to normal, or in more likelihood the strategy will shift to a sustainable alternative. In either case, YOU must find micro wins on what you are doing and celebrate those with your teammates. Do not wait for external gratitude or reward. The milestones may change, move, or evaporate. If you tie yourself to those endpoints that you don’t control, you will be disappointed most certainly. It is here where you will also lose the culture and team you had when you started the journey — either through attrition or through people pulling back.
  3. Fuel your body, you must find a way to get 7 hours of sleep and eat NON-processed foods.

You will persevere by building a tolerance to fatigue, progressively

As a species, we are capable of facing and sustaining effort amongst extended demands for both our minds and bodies. This is our evolutionary benefit and advantage that has served us well. At times of challenge it is hard to imagine success forward, or even completion. Yet, as highlighted above YOU can establish practices that enhance your mental and physical (well at least support) health.

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