My struggle and journey: Seeing the good and living positive, an extended personal story

Gain the life that you were born to live with a proper mindset

My history and struggle

Have Perspective

BAD news ≤ WORST situation => Still net positive

  • Training — I got to train and X was great today
  • Injuries put me 6 months back in progress — but my arm works and will for my entire life (I had a big trauma injury to it in March)
  • My daughter is healthy — despite having the pain of a triple tooth extraction today
  • My P&L is even — in spite of teams changing and cyclical seasonal impacts
  • My health is poor today — but I am alive and having a chance to improve it
  • Our contractor in Rwanda got hit by a truck — but we are still able to build the hospital in Rwanda

Life is full of choices, make one

  • If your job is bad and not helping you on any level — financially, career progression, mental / emotional strength, etc … then it is time to find a new job.
  • If you are getting injured every time you go for a run — it is time to revisit how we run and why we run. Then you can use these insights to either fix your running, or adopt another hobby that achieves the same mental and physical results.

Prove to the world

Challenge yourself

  • Today challenge yourself to see each situation differently.
  • React differently
  • Appreciate that you GET TO do something
  • Reframe the negative for the positive in your mind
  • If you hear complaining give the topic of interest a compliment, and see what happens to the vibe (you’ll see the momentum swing and become constructive vs unproductive / destructive)

Reframing my self

  • I challenged myself daily to replace the negative voices in my mind with alternatives.
  • I not only mentally swapped the words, I began to verbalize it for myself. Such as “I get to” vs. “I have to..”
  • Then I began to change others around me, their words and who I was around
  • I pushed myself towards those with the right mindset I was seeking and reduced the time with those who were not supportive
  • Writing, speaking, and sharing allowed me a pathway to express more personal topics

Now I help

You deserve to squeeze the happiness and joy out of this life, so go ahead. There is no life without struggle or ups and downs. Instead, there is how you act, react, and thus exist amidst the journey of life.

Tough to share this personal reflection, so if it was helpful and causes change — it is worth it to me.

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James DeLuccia


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