Mental health moments make you a better human

Peace in your mind, freedom in your soul, alive in your body.

Should Handle vs. Can Handle

To adapt is to be alive, to adapt and be human is once in a lifetime chance

Understanding Stress — your body as a bank account

Stress is good, if smartly managed

Mental health practices to achieve success

Peace in your mind

  • Sleep 8 hours minimum
  • At night, write down everything on your mind — todo, concerns, projects, what you want to achieve tomorrow, just get it out of your head
  • In the morning write 3 things you are grateful for that day
  • In the evening write 3 things that were amazing for that day (yes, amazing, go ahead)
  • Spend 5–10 minutes meditating, or just do 30 long breaths of 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out
  • Go do EASY Yoga (not hot, power, swinging over fire pits yoga)
  • Sleep, seriously that important, less than 7:30 basically has your skills = drunk driver

Freedom in your soul

  • Remove negative voices in your mind, replace them with supreme confidence (journaling helps and visualizing is a method I have discovered from Olympic athletes)
  • Be empathetic of other situations — by not judging their actions (we don’t know what they are dealing with in life)
  • Surround yourself with people that lift you up
  • Remove / reduce your time with people who are negative or have habits that do not align with your core beliefs
  • Read Seneca and stoicism, and then explore beyond
  • Help someone daily, small or big it doesn’t matter
  • Smile on the inside
  • Look in the mirror and tell that fool you love them
  • Give real hugs
  • Appreciate and recognize you have this moment, and that is a reason to celebrate

Alive in your body

  • Sleep — your body releases growth hormones when you sleep, they are free and your body wants to release them
  • Go run, hike, walk, swim in a body of water, or workout in a class (if you aren’t physically working out 4x a week, you are missing out)
  • Go DO. Fly a kite, paddle board, learn to wakeboard, play frisbee with your kids, anything … do physical fun things you did as a kid. why not!
  • Take a rest day from heavy training, literally a zero physical activity day
  • Take a half day off and use it to book something fun on your calendar
  • Take a full rest day from the gym
  • Book an AirBnB in a mountain cabin on a lake for $70 and just get out of your space for 24 hours
  • Sleep, seriously that important, less than 7:30 basically has your skills = drunk driver

You deserve it

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