Long Tail Security Focus Kills Products in Engineering

The last 25 years have exposed old and new cybersecurity patterns. There is a primal draw to those hot and elite threat actors at the detriment of common security events. Based on my experience, historically building cloud service providers and commercial products, and today having worked with over 300+ deployed cloud subscriptions and 100s of products there is a practical cybersecurity method that prevails to achieve that ‘perfect balance’.

Strategy around deploying of resources — human and technical are paramount to winning in the market and simply having the best working environments. The better strategy we have, the better we are able to focus those vital engineering hours where they will benefit your customers the best.

Technical debt

This is dictated by the technical debt of those environments. Everything from networking, routing, to agents installed within the system. Fixed IP addresses in scripts and static user credentials are not uncommon. The landscape here can be mitigated through close partnership with these engineering groups, and opportunity permitting the pre-deployment architecture efforts

We built these paradigms

The slippery slope exists around how many risks truly matter and are EVERY risk presented as a nation state actor? It is convenient to say everything applies, but that is impossible to meet. Products need the market to decide their value and we must bring in such products to market quickly to gain that feedback.

Questions to consider

How do you balance your security requirements with product teams?

What risks do you include when in the Minimum Viable Product world?

How can you deliver products at scale in the world that meet industrial security requirements, while balancing the tidal wave of cyber controls.

You can see online how I breakdown this strategy from RSA on my public pages. Welcome as always, your feedback and additions!

  • Current state of relevant security controls vs. long tail
  • Case study of product engineering success and transformation
  • Cloud and products details
  • Sharing of risk model and balancing process
  • How we engage leadership — marketing, CEO, and product teams
  • Lessons
  • Practical methods

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