How your judging people is killing your relationships and team’s success

James DeLuccia
4 min readDec 8, 2020

Judgement is a poison. It eliminates the frankness and vulnerability gained through honest discussion. It hides problems, and is the source of much grief in your personal relationships.

Businesses and product launches fail because you were afraid ‘of what other people would think/say’. Relationships and love are won and lost with the fear of judgement.

But what is judgement and how can you create a life free of it?

Judgement — simply is fear of other people’s opinion of us for our thoughts and actions.


  • Fear to speak up in meetings for asking “dumb questions”
  • Fear to share how you REALLY feel with your spouse
  • Fear to engage with the business team (imposter syndrome)
  • Failing to create / write / speak in public .. again imposter syndrome
  • Fear to air guitar, karaoke in the kitchen, or dance with your wife .. because well .. you aren’t a professional

You get it — judgement slows, impedes, hides, and erodes the good moments and momentum in your life. Now what do we do?

Shedding Judgement is in your own hands

Judgement is your mental manifestation of what MIGHT other people think, feel, say, or do as a result of our actions. There is truth…



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