How to win and succeed ..

James DeLuccia
2 min readMar 12, 2018


This concept is one I pursue constantly. The art, the science, the grit, the levers that can allow you to succeed. As a coach and mentor, I am challenged with making these abstract concepts tangible and deliver on results.

So — here are a few crisp key actions I want you to take today to win and succeed. BTW — winning and succeeding is something you must apply across all areas of your life. This isn’t merely economical pursuits, athletic pursuits, but across ALL areas you are obsessed about in life. (I am obsessed about my daughter, my team, my impact on those around me, those who I have yet to impact because I have yet to connect with them, and the specialties of my passions of cyber security, parenting, and CrossFit).

First you must know exactly where you are and where you want to go — simple, but write it out this way:

5 years ago I was X ….. Today I am Y…. and Z is 5 years in the future

Now compare the timeline and you can see if you have improved, and what the gap is on your goal. So, now … with that measurement let’s get to a simple daily task.

Write your objective every morning in a journal (can be a blog site, a fancy leather bound book, or simply a legal pad), and 5 things you are going to do to HIT that goal.

Note these 5 items are the actions you need to take TODAY to move forward. Scratch them off when you finish them today. Tomorrow you may need to write the same ones down, or maybe you tweak it.

Do this daily … you’ll succeed and win faster than your peers. Don’t forget to UPDATE your goals as you keep hitting those big goals. Once you get there, new worlds will open to you and from that view new pathways.

I apply this method to my physical training, how I train athletes, how I parent my daughter, how I am professionally, and how I am making an impact in the world.

You can read more about how great parents think in my book, and read all of the cybersecurity experts habits in this book on Amazon.

Let’s make an impact. Do stuff that matters to you, passionately, and perhaps make a nice impact on those around you too.




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