How to take a summer vacation without your team calling

3 Rules to you actually having a vacation

  • Rule #1, be really inaccessible. This is more for you than for anyone else. You are the problem. You are the controlling one (i.e., you are super controlling of yourself), so the only way to sever this tie is to actually sever it. (go on a cruise, go to the wilderness….)
  • Rule #2, set systems with your teams. This is a must before you leave, and it takes time. Simply put — your team needs to know HOW you would manage a situation. This might be a wiki site that details your process, or a mission statement that defines your decision process. This needs to both be practical, accessible, and allow for nuanced situations
  • Rule #3, take practice runs. Literally create mini events where you are not accessible. Where you simply let the course of events unfold with an eye on them. This means you allow your team to execute, but have shared you are unavailable and empower them to lead it. The goal here is — YOU don’t do anything, only monitor like a lifeguard, and let the kids swim (or struggle and then figure it out). You are only monitoring to prevent any life damaging events, otherwise let people fail and expose what you can do as a team to correct in the future (if you save the situation you’ll never see what needs fixing).

Your business is better without you

  • Your business is more resilient because now it has guide posts to execute without you in every interaction and client
  • Your team WILL become more senior, develop individually, become a tighter unit, and the cream will rise
  • You’ll identify succession planning candidates AND individuals who you could employ to expand your business — you want to expand your impact and make more revenue don’t you?

Do it for you

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Technologist, Researcher, Artist, Executive, Father, Author, Inventor, Speaker, and CrossFit...

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James DeLuccia

James DeLuccia

Technologist, Researcher, Artist, Executive, Father, Author, Inventor, Speaker, and CrossFit...

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