How to manage your day to achieve happiness and success



Where is your time going? When we look at our days we often recognize that somedays just vanish. Before we know it, the clock is rolling past 10pm and we haven’t checked off our Top 5 for the day! What happened. Why?

Takeways and how to transform your days to recover your days / life

How we think about our day begins with knowledge on where our time is going and structuring it in a way that ensures our MOST IMPORTANT areas of life are addressed. I have structured the most important around health (sleep #1, fitness, and food) to ensure we live the longest quality life possible. Next we have our bills and hopefully passions paired together at a job of some kind. After this we have 4 hours to squeeze the most out of life.

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James DeLuccia

James DeLuccia

Technologist, Researcher, Artist, Executive, Father, Author, Inventor, Speaker, and CrossFit...