How to get your Bravia TV to read your USB

James DeLuccia
1 min readDec 5, 2020

A bit geeky but after too many hours deciphering errors, I wanted to share this for another poor soul before they get discouraged.


You have a Sony Bravia TV / Device and want to plug in a USB drive to show pictures, videos, etc…


Sony TV and Sony DVD player don’t see any of your files. You either get nothing presented on screen, or an unknown directory


Your USB Device / Drive is formatted with something other than MBR. Master Boot Record. Short and simple you need to format your device to have 1 partition and using MBR. Apple likes to use GUID, so if you see that, you will not succeed.

Next Steps:

Use your Google kung fu and reformat that USB device as an MBR fat32 (preferred by all of these devices it seems). I used an old Mac, but literally whatever you are comfortable with using will do the trick — DON’T pay for anything to do it. If you can plug a USB in your computer, you have all the resources you need.

Good luck and happy viewing.



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