How to break procrastination and hesitation for everything from making a podcast, dating, and beginning that new hobby / career

Why we hesitate

The future visualization is wrecking your execution.

  • I don’t want to date/marry a girl I meet at a bar / club, so I don’t want to go out to those places
  • They don’t like coffee, so I won’t ask him out (because we’ll never get married, so why bother)
  • I can’t run 24 miles, so I can’t do an Ironman
  • I don’t have a jingle / intro / outro / script / interviewees / listeners, so I can’t possibly create a podcast, or online show
  • I can’t do a push-up, so I can’t do a Spartan event

The danger of accolades for the goal vs the process

When you know what you want to do it is a moment of clarity, but not peace. I find there is anticipation from the clarity of the decision to the next immediate step. This anticipation can be intoxicating and make us drunk. Drunk in a sense that we begin to freeze here. Why would you move on if your mind is releasing endorphins and more into your bloodstream, rewarding you for having this clarity. It is a trap.

To keep the motivation to continue

What was happening is they rewarded me for something I hadn’t yet achieved (completing the Ironman), and so I mentally and emotionally began to checkout of doing the work in the process. Once I became self aware, I reframed the accolades to — “Congrats on TRAINING for the Ironman”. By refocusing their accolades and my mind on the work I needed to achieve the goal, I was able to now move stronger towards my goal

To achieve our greatest desires

We must focus on the daily effort, the grind, and the joy that comes from these individual efforts. The joy is both fueled by our friends and family who provide continuous support on the path (nay sayers will exist, and those must be blocked out after their points considered… especially if they are family and friends).

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