How Elon Musk’s view on value switched me to positive success

James DeLuccia
4 min readDec 18, 2020

What is the value of your business, project, and efforts?

How do you define it?

Note — I am not asking how the world defines it. This isn’t their company, their life, or their blood sweat and tears being pulled from your life force. Their opinions don’t matter here.

HOW do you define the value of your work?

Is it profit — GREAT! Profit is important because without you covering your costs, you’ll starve and die. Your team will starve and die from bankruptcy. Your product / offering / mission will die with you and your team.

Morbid, hard, but sorry Nature doesn’t care. If you don’t have profit your venture dies.

How ELSE do you define value? IMPACT — on whom?

This one is interesting, as it is subjective. As the owner and team member you draw purpose, strength, and fortitude in dark times with this focus on impact. Having impact can mean a million things, such as:

  • Creating buildings that are safer and cleaner — great, less disease and happier workforces
  • The physical workouts you deliver reduce weight and raise immune defense — perfect, now you’ve created healthier humans who will live longer higher quality lives. They also will have a better natural defense against the Flu, chronic disease, and even COVID events



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