Are you trusting your gut?

James DeLuccia
6 min readDec 3, 2020

How often have I walked into a situation / meeting / relationship / room and didn’t act on my gut? Too often. In fact, as I become aware of how our intuition plays a role in our happiness and impact — the more I am leaning towards acting on my gut.

You see — the greatest regret of every human at the end of their days is one simple irreversible feeling:

The greatest regret is having NOT done what they loved or NOT said how they feel. — Ware

Knowing they forfeited their chance in life to have seen, done, loved, grew, savored, and felt is crushing. To think you and I can make the same mistake is terrifying!

Making a change today is worth it

Fortunately for you and I, as we have breath in our chests, we can change today. Change will allow you the following benefits:

  • Better impact at work, who doesn’t want to see success in their craft!
  • Healthier and more passionate relationships, lasting love is possible
  • Experiences and life moments free of regret and filled with happiness (success or failure does not diminish the act of having done/acted)

No more ‘I wish”, “ I said” or “could have” moments

To change your behavior you first need to become aware. To do this, try and notice when — in any moment — you walk away or sit there wishing you had said / done something. You’ll know as you’ll have a little sinking feeling as the moment begins to pass.

Example #1: Your loved one did something that upset you, but you didn’t say anything … then days/weeks/years later that moment has turned into a poison in your heart, and eventually you begin to raise it up in arguments. Simply saying your feelings in the moment would have disarmed it — and in most cases revealed a misunderstanding!

Example #2: In a meeting for work you are surrounded by all your peers and people who you trust fully. A big challenge is ahead and ideas are floated to solve it. You, in your heart/mind, see a risk to the popular idea …. yet you say nothing. The group approves it, and 3 months down the line the business fails because of the risk YOU SAW. Now your inner monologue is screaming with self righteousness and guilt. Had you spoken up, maybe you could have saved the business; everyone could stay…



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