Are you trusting your gut?

James DeLuccia
6 min readDec 3, 2020

How often have I walked into a situation / meeting / relationship / room and didn’t act on my gut? Too often. In fact, as I become aware of how our intuition plays a role in our happiness and impact — the more I am leaning towards acting on my gut.

You see — the greatest regret of every human at the end of their days is one simple irreversible feeling:

The greatest regret is having NOT done what they loved or NOT said how they feel. — Ware

Knowing they forfeited their chance in life to have seen, done, loved, grew, savored, and felt is crushing. To think you and I can make the same mistake is terrifying!

Making a change today is worth it

Fortunately for you and I, as we have breath in our chests, we can change today. Change will allow you the following benefits:

  • Better impact at work, who doesn’t want to see success in their craft!
  • Healthier and more passionate relationships, lasting love is possible
  • Experiences and life moments free of regret and filled with happiness (success or failure does not diminish the act of having done/acted)

No more ‘I wish”, “ I said” or “could have” moments

To change your behavior you first need to become aware. To do this, try and notice when — in any moment — you walk away or sit there wishing…



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